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Clean Room Air Shower With Vertical Air Flow
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Clean Room Air Shower With Vertical Air Flow

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Air shower

The air shower room is the necessary passage for people to enter and exit the clean room and plays the role of the airlock room. In order to reduce the large number of dust particles brought by people in and out, the clean air filtered by the high efficiency filter is sprayed from all directions to the person by the rotating nozzle, effectively and quickly remove the dust particles, and the dust particles after removal are re-circulated to the air shower area by the primary and high efficiency filter.

Air shower room is divided into: single single blow, single double blow, double blow, double blow, three double blow, explosion-proof air shower, photoelectric induction type, geomagnetic induction type, automatic door air shower, three-sided multi-blow, L-type air shower, S-type air shower, top blow air shower.
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Air shower instructions:

First, overview

DKBR-AS is a new type of light control electronic interlock automatic air shower, which is assembled by our company using foreign advanced technology and imported electrical appliances with microcomputer controller. It is widely used in microelectronics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, biochemical products, food hygiene, fine chemicals, precision machinery and aerospace and other production and scientific research institutions, for blowing the dust attached to the surface of the human body and carried items into the clean room. At the same time, the air shower room also plays the role of gas interpretation, preventing unpurified air from entering the clean area, and is an effective equipment for personal purification and preventing outdoor air pollution in the clean area.

Second, structure

DKBR-AS type automatic air shower outdoor box, interior and bottom plate is made of stainless steel plate, equipped with centrifugal fan, initial effect air filter and high efficiency air filter assembly of air shower air filtration system. It has the features of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient maintenance and simple operation, and adopts microcomputer program to control the infrared probe and automatic air shower.

Third, the principle

The air in the air shower room is pressed into the static pressure box by the centrifugal fan through the primary effect air filter, and then filtered by the high efficiency filter, the clean air is sprayed from the nozzle of the air shower room at a high speed, the Angle of the nozzle can be adjusted, and the dust attached to the surface of the human body or carrying items can be effectively blown off. The dust blown under the circulating air flow passes through the primary effect filter again, so the cycle is repeated to achieve the purpose of the air shower.

4. Technical parameters

1. High efficiency filter efficiency: ≥99.99%@≥0.3μm (sodium flame method)

2. Air shower time: 1 ~ 99 adjustable

3. Blowing form: double side blowing

4. Nozzle wind speed: ≥20m/s

5.Appearance size: 1300W×1500D×2150 H

6.Air shower size: 800W×1400D×2000H

7. Power supply: 3N 380V 50Hz

8. Maximum power consumption: 1.2KW

9. High efficiency filter specifications: 760×610×70×②

5. Use

(I) Preparation and instructions before use

1. Clean the air shower area before using the newly installed air shower room.

2, the air shower time is set to 15S, the setting method is shown in Article III of this section (air shower time setting).

3, the air shower room is equipped with an emergency STOP button (STOP), in the process of air shower if there are special circumstances can emergency end the air shower and electrical role, quickly leave the air shower room.

4, the air shower door is equipped with the door is not closed red light indication and alarm, door I is not closed when the door II next to the red light, while the alarm.

(ii) Procedures for use

1. Enter the air shower room from the entrance, the photoelectric sensor senses the person, the air shower starts to blow, and the blowing time is the set blowing time (generally 15s).

2. When the shower time reaches the set time, the air shower stops. Voice prompt at the same time.

3. When entering the workshop through the exit door, please close the door behind you.

4. If you enter the air shower room through exit, please close the door after leaving the air shower.

5. When no one passes for 30 minutes, the wind shower enters hibernation state and the lamp is turned off.


When one door is open, do not force the other door to open, so as not to damage the door and electronic lock.

(iii) Air shower time setting

Air shower time at the same time press the key "SET" and "▲" 3s, the display appears digital flash, release the key, press "▲" and "▼" to adjust the value, the displayed value is the air shower time. Setting range: 1 to 99s, generally set to 15s.

After pressing the key "SET" and "▼" 3s at the same time, the display will appear a digital flash. After releasing the key, press "▲" and "▼" to adjust the value. The displayed value is the time between the shower stop and the door lock release. The value ranges from 1 to 9 seconds. The value is generally set to 3s.

Note: A line intermove is selected.

The air shower control board is equipped with an emergency stop button. If there are special circumstances in the air shower process, the air shower can be ended urgently and quickly leave the air shower room.

Six, maintenance

1, regularly check the technical indicators of the air shower, if it does not meet the requirements of the technical parameters should be dealt with in time.

2, according to the actual use, the filter material in the initial effect air filter is removed and cleaned regularly (generally 3 months).

3, when it is found that the wind speed changes, it should first check whether the surface of the primary effect air filter is black, if it is black, it means that the primary effect filter contains more dust and the resistance increases, that is, the primary effect air filter should be replaced.

4, when the replacement or cleaning after the initial effect, still can not improve the wind speed, indicating that the high efficiency air filter has been blocked, resulting in increased resistance, you should replace the high efficiency air filter.

5, when replacing the high efficiency air filter, you must remove the nozzle plate, take out the high efficiency filter, and replace the new high efficiency air filter according to the specifications and models of the original high efficiency filter. During installation, the arrow mark on the high efficiency filter should be confirmed, and the arrow should point to the direction of the air flow. And ensure that the seal is good to prevent leakage.

6, after the replacement of the high efficiency filter, it is necessary to confirm that the border has no leakage phenomenon, and test with the dust particle counter, and it can work normally after reaching the technical indicators.

7, regular maintenance of the electrical line, if there is a fault can refer to the electrical schematic maintenance.

8, regular maintenance of the door.

9, the use of the equipment temperature shall not exceed 50℃, and the use of open flame is strictly prohibited.

Product name
Stainless steel air shower
Brand Name
Nozzle material
stainless steel 201/304
nozzle wind speed(m/s)
Laminar flow
Vertical air flow
HEPA filter efficiency
H13, 99.99%@0.3um
less than 65dB   65dB

100% factory inspection
Video outgoing-inspection
Machinery Test Report
Warranty of core components
1 year
Place of Origin
External size(W*L*H)
Internal size(W*L*H)

All sizes and styles can be customized
Item Air shower Air Shower Air shower
for one person for two person for multiple person
Model DKBL-01-100 DKBL-02-100 DKBL-03-100
External Size (WxLxHmm) 1400x1000x2180 1400x2000x2180 1400x3000x2180
Internal Size (WxLxHmm) 790x930x1910 790x1930x1910 790x2930x1910
Nozzle in stainless steel (pc) 16 32 48
Nozzle wind speed (m/s) ≥25 ≥25 ≥25
Noise (1m away) (dB) <65 <65 <65
Fan Power supply (V/Hz) 380/50 380/50 380/50
Power (W/set) 1100×1 1100×2 1100×3
Quantity /set 2 4 6
Air flow (m³/h) 1300 1300 2300
HEPA filter Size (W×H×Dmm) 630×630×100 630×630×100 630×915×100
Quantity (set) 1 2 3
Pre-filter Size (W×H×Dmm) 855×158×17 855×158×17 855×158×17
Quantity (set) 1 2 3
Total power supply/W 1130 2240 3350


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