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Technical Exchange

Technical exchange allows our customers to experience the latest developments and developments in air filtration in global clean technology to gain faster access to the most advanced technical knowledge. Through training and technical exchanges, customers can combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience. A thorough and in-depth understanding of clean technology development, testing and manufacturing of air filtration, as well as the entire filtration system, ventilation equipment, sanitation and maintenance technology, and operating costs.

Testing Center

Our testing center and laboratory have the most advanced testing equipment and professional technical talents. The most rigorous air filter performance testing is conducted according to European, national, and American standards, and the test data meets international requirements. In addition to routine testing, the laboratory also conducts destructive product testing and customer on-site environmental testing and argumentation. The test data obtained provides valuable technical information for our company's new product development, process optimization, product improvement, and better customer service.

Technical Support

Clean technology + Service + Consulting
Dirkbiel air filter, clean equipment, water filter are all using international advanced management and technology, to provide customers with product customization, optimization system, engineering installation, monitoring and tracking, training, to help customers achieve maximum value.

After-sale Service

Dirkbiel always serves users worldwide from a professional perspective. First in ensuring compliance with legal guidelines and ISO standards; As well as industry standards, regulations, norms, but also to ensure the advanced nature of products, reliability, stability, and constantly improve the quality of service. From sale to after-sales delivery, commissioning operation, product maintenance management, engineer technical support, customer technical training, parts safety reserve and other aspects, to ensure that customers can get the best service, so that customers are satisfied.
Contact Dirkbiel for technical support and after-sales service
Call the unified technical service hotline in China:+86-769-81565728
Send email to support@dirkbiel.com,Our working hours are from 9:00AM to 18:00 PM from Monday to Friday, except for statutory holidays in other countries
If you have urgent service needs during non working hours, please call: +86-139-26863291
 Dirkbiel after-sales service system
 Equipment maintenance service: Provide overall warranty for the software and hardware systems of the unit system
 Air filter: Air filter warranty
 Water filter: Water filter warranty
​​​​​​​ Air Filter Life Testing Service: Through testing technology, regular sampling tests are conducted on various types of filter materials configured in the system to analyze filter material composition, pressure difference, indoor and outdoor air quality, and predict service life, in order to accurately calculate the replacement time of filter materials.

Regarding The Dirkbiel System Warranty Policy

The Dirkbiel product warranty policy mainly includes the following parts
 The warranty period for the software and hardware system of the equipment product is 12 months from the date of delivery (excluding extended warranty for special products), and the warranty content is for system failures caused by the product's own manufacturing reasons, excluding damage caused by non human operation. The system repair service beyond the warranty period is a chargeable item. Please consult Dirkbiel for specific service prices.
Air filters and filter materials are consumables and are not covered by the system warranty service. Dirkbiel promises to deliver all replacement parts to users as brand new and unused products, and guarantees the quality of consumables.
The normal service life of chemical filters is more than 12 months, and the service life of air filters is 3-6 months depending on their level. According to the actual usage environment and pollution level of users, the actual service life will vary accordingly, and the specific instructions and service life test results of the unit's own detection system shall prevail.
Due to the risks involved in the transportation process of the product from the factory, Dirkbiel products have purchased commercial insurance. If your product is damaged during transportation, you must use a camera to take photos of the damaged product for verification when receiving notification from the shipping company for inspection, and promptly inform Dirkbiel via email or phone. Dirkbiel will directly file a claim with the shipping company, otherwise Dirkbiel will refuse to pay.
If Dirkbiel's products do not receive payment and the buyer fails to pay the payment according to the contract, Dirkbiel has the right to stop the warranty service until payment is made in full
Repair services not authorized by Dirkbiel are not covered by warranty
Unauthorized disassembly, replacement, or use of non Dirkbiel parts, accessories, and components without Dirkbiel's consent that result in system product malfunction or damage is not covered by the warranty.
Without Dirkbiel's consent, customer modifications to the product are not covered by the warranty.
Failures or damages caused by natural disasters (such as fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.
Improper issues caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, electricity, and operating environmental conditions are not covered by the warranty.
 The use of product manuals not provided by Dirkbiel and failure to follow the instructions may cause problems and are not covered by the warranty.
Failure to present the original valid warranty card or valid evidence is not within the warranty scope.
Items such as the date of purchase of Dirkbiel products and the name of the sales unit (valid with Dirkbiel's seal) that have not been fully filled out or altered on the warranty card are not covered by the warranty.

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