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Company Profile

Dirkbiel is an innovative technology company engaged in total solutions for the control of fine dust, microorganisms and pollutants in environmental systems.

The company has a "Dirkbiel" R & D center, business. Industrial Filtration Division, Filtration Materials Division, Marketing Division, clean Technical Support Department.

Dirkbiel Commercial and Industrial Filtration Division focuses on the development, manufacturing and sales of high-end air filtration products "Dirkbiel" brand air filters (primary effect air filters, medium effect air filters, HEPA.ULPA air filters, chemical air filters); Industrial pure water filter; Clean room equipment (air shower, cargo shower, ultra-clean workbench, FFU, transfer window, high efficiency air supply, clean laminar flow cover, deep bed chemical filter unit, mobile chemical filter unit); Air purifier, new air purification fan, air purification and disinfection machine; All products are manufactured according to international standards (ISO/9001, ISO/DIS14644-1, ISO16890, U.S.A/SMACNA, EN779, EN1822).
Dirkbiel has excellent senior engineers, professional and technical personnel; Advanced production equipment, testing equipment, unified management in the world. From raw material procurement, manufacturing and processing, sales to customer terminals, each process is strictly tested and controlled to ensure that each product is of good quality. Products are sold all over the world, and customers come from domestic and foreign listed companies, engineering construction companies, and have been praised by customers.

With the business philosophy of "integrity, quality, innovation, service and value" (IQIS&V for short), and the purpose of "quality first, customer first, innovation and excellence", Dirkbel creates new value for customers.
Development History

  • 2006
    Company builted
  • 2007
    Company established a research and development center, mainly for air filtration materials, clean equipment research and development
  • 2008-2009
    Company successfully passed ISO9001; ISO14001 certification, set up Chengdu, Xi 'an office in the same year, mainly responsible for the operation and sales of products in the southwest region.
  • 2010
    Company established the engineering division, the engineering division is responsible for product engineering, clean engineering, equipment engineering technology development.
  • 2011
    Company expanded production lines and capacity, and the monthly output reached 30,000 pieces.
  • 2012-2015
    Company set up a clean air conditioning division, mainly for the development and application of clean air conditioning.
  • 2016
    Company expanded the production line and capacity for the second time, and the monthly output reached 80,000 pieces.
  • 2017
    Company develops, produces and sells home air purifiers, new air fans and car purifiers.

Cooperative Partner

Dirkbiel is committed to building an "equal, open, cooperative and win-win" ecosystem, and working with partners to bring customers the best choice. Continue to provide customers with clean system air filtration solutions, create value.

Environmental Policy

Dirkbiel pursues indoor air Quality (IAQ) to create a comfortable environment. Strictly abide by the national laws and regulations, implement the basic policy of the company. Fulfill corporate responsibilities, provide clean energy, strengthen environmental awareness, and co-exist with the earth's environment.

Corporate Culture

Enterprise Mission
Create a harmonious, stable and equal working atmosphere for employees; Trust and respect for employees,
Provide higher returns to shareholders,
To provide customers with quality products and after-sales service,
To provide a fair, reasonable, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation platform for business partners.

Business Philosophy
  Integrity, quality, innovation, service and value.

Business Objectives
 Become a professional enterprise with excellent business performance and highly recognized by customers.
Become a global clean professional and technical personnel to achieve the ideal creative enterprise.
Continuously improve manufacturing technology, lead the
development of clean technology to a high level, create an internationally renowned brand, and provide high-quality products and services for global customers.
Management Advantage
 Dirkbiel has excellent senior engineers, professional and technical personnel; Advanced production equipment, testing equipment, unified management in the world. From raw material procurement, manufacturing and processing, sales to customer terminals, each process is strictly tested and controlled to ensure that each product is of good quality.
Continuous expansion of production, heavy investment in technology research and development, and recruitment and training of first-class professionals.
Core Values
 Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society.

Quality Policy

We are committed to the pursuit of high efficiency,low energy consumption and economic product development to provide high quality products that meet the stringent requirements of the market and our customers.This includes everything from product concept and product design to manufacturing,supply chain and sales.
Dirkbiel's quality policy: Technology leadership, people orientation, quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

Dirkbiel Quality System:
1.The company implements institutionalized quality management system, in the meantime, the work of all departments to arrange and make decisions must be to ensure product quality as a prerequisite.
2.All employees should be in accordance with the requirements of the job duties, and in the meantime to obey the other work arrangements from the superiors.
3. The scope of responsibility and authority of managers at all levels should be formulated in accordance with the principles set out in the regulations of the enterprise.
4.Each department's work policy must be consistent with the overall objectives of the enterprise ISO9000 quality assurance system requirements, mutual coordination and focus on the overall situation.
5.Establish a long-term stable quality assurance ideas, staff training in a variety of skills and quality knowledge, improve the quality of staff awareness, strengthen the participation of all staff.
6.The company's departments through the quality policy, objectives, audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive measures, management review, etc.to achieve daily continuous improvement by PDCA cycle of work and put forward the improvement of the project to promote the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Dirkbiel Management System Certification
Our strict adherence to the most demanding international quality certification norms demonstrates our commitment to the integrity of all aspects of production and business processes. Continuously drive process improvement using a variety of concepts and tools, including "Zero Defect" programs, "Six Sigma concepts, and "safety releases" for new products.
Provide high quality products and services to the market through continuous innovation.
Our management system is certified to quality standards (ISO 9001) and environmental, health and safety standards (ISO 14001, ISO45001 TUV). Products have been inspected and qualified by China’s authoritative third-party testing organization, the National Air Conditioning Quality Supervision and Inspection Administration report (CNAS).

Quality complaint handling
Our complaint handling and management plan covers all technical complaint applications for subsequent analysis and improvement. We use systematic problem-solving methods to investigate issues with returns and complaints, and provide detailed feedback (including corrective measures).
Dirkbiel’s Review Plan
We adopt an integrated review plan to ensure that our processes comply with customer and international standards, while also facilitating the identification of areas for system improvement and the implementation of corrective measures.

Dirkbiel’s suppliers
All suppliers are required to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes requirements regarding conflict minerals and responsible sourcing.

Material Declaration and RoHS
Dirkbiel always strives to meet and exceed legal and customer requirements. We collect, calculate, retain, and report accurate information on the material content of our products and communicate key information to customers and employees in an effective manner. We provide RoHS analysis certification on our official website.

Conflict Minerals
Dirkbiel works to ensure that the materials we source are free from conflict. In compliance with relevant regulations on "conflict minerals," we have begun implementing related policies and due diligence processes to reasonably ensure that tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold elements in our products do not directly or indirectly finance armed groups. Dirkbiel will continue to work to ensure that our supply chain, including smelters and refineries, is free from conflict.

Quality and Reliability Disclaimer
Important legal disclaimer regarding product/general quality information, without warranty

Dirkbiel provides this data for your convenience. However, please note that the publication of this information does not provide any guarantee, representation, warranty, or legally binding product description, and Dirkbiel does not acknowledge or assume any related liability. Documentation and data for Dirkbiel products can be found in Dirkbiel's official data sheets. Dirkbiel provides the data "as is," without any guarantee. Dirkbiel does not guarantee or represent that any data provided on this website is correct or suitable for a particular purpose. Dirkbiel disclaims any express, implied, or other warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, non-infringement of intellectual property, or any other aspect of such data, and may change, modify, or delete such data at any time.

You use any data provided on this website at your own risk. In any event, Dirkbiel shall not be liable for any direct, special, indirect, consequential, punitive, or incidental damages arising from the use of data, whether based on tort (including negligence), strict liability, breach of contract, warranty breach, or any other reason, even if Dirkbiel has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Dirkbiel's entire liability and your sole remedy for all such damages, including but not limited to business loss, business interruption, inability to use, data or information loss, and similar situations, arising from any reason, shall be limited to your actual losses, and shall be based on reasonable reliance, not to exceed one US dollar (US$1.00). The above limitations, exceptions, and disclaimers shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, even if any remedy fails its essential purpose.

You are solely responsible for using this data and for all consequences of using the data. You must conduct sufficient engineering and other validation tests to properly evaluate your application and determine whether Dirkbiel's air filtration products are suitable for that application.

Dirkbiel's products are specifically designed and manufactured for use within the specified ranges of airflow, resistance, pressure drop, electrical, mechanical, and other parameters as outlined in Dirkbiel's data sheets. The quality and reliability data provided by Dirkbiel, such as air filtration materials, air filters, and clean equipment, are intended for non-binding evaluation of product performance only. This does not imply that the products can achieve any performance levels reflected in such data outside of the conditions explicitly stated in the latest product data sheets or in your application.

The RoHS data provided here is preliminary and not binding on Dirkbiel. Dirkbiel does not assume any responsibility related to this data.

Dirkbiel's products are not designed, authorized, or guaranteed for use in biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, food and beverage, medical, personal, or permanent use in commercial buildings. They are also not intended for applications where failure or malfunction of Dirkbiel products could lead to personal injury, death, significant property damage, environmental harm, or for aspects not explicitly agreed upon by both parties. Dirkbiel disclaims any liability for the inclusion and/or use of Dirkbiel products in such equipment or applications, and customers are responsible for the risks associated with the inclusion and/or use of Dirkbiel products.


Enterprise Qualification

Dirkbiel ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, certification and product received CE certification, as well as the national air conditioning inspection and quarantine the third party test report

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