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Sustainable Development
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Sustainable Development

Dirkbiel's Sustainable Development - Caring for the Human and Social Environment

Our Mission

As an innovative environmental technology company, we have a responsibility to fulfill the "United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)" and act as good corporate citizens. We are committed to actively building a sustainable development system that aligns with our company's reality and tirelessly striving to improve the human and social environment. We are dedicated to addressing global sustainability challenges through the research and development of air filtration products and enhancing process efficiency to conserve resources. Dirkbiel aims to provide innovative high-efficiency filtration technology solutions to global customers while meeting socio-economic needs and protecting employees and the environment. Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while enabling sustainable development for both our company and society and the environment.

Social Responsibility

Companies should take responsibility for society, including employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. This involves focusing on aspects such as employee health, safety in the workplace, welfare, community responsibility, consumer rights, and anti-corruption measures. Dirkbiel is committed to producing social responsibility reports, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, respecting human rights, and protecting workers' rights. We conduct business with integrity, fairness, and transparency, comply with laws and regulations, and also support social welfare activities and charitable causes. We aim to promote social sustainable development and share the values of sustainable development.

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable Management
We have established an environmental management system to raise environmental awareness, reduce pollution emissions and energy consumption, improve resource utilization efficiency, and promote clean production technologies. Environmental protection is a key business objective for Dirkbiel, and we strive to manage the environment effectively, utilize resources rationally, and minimize the risks of environmental pollution and ecological damage. Dirkbiel has implemented effective and proactive management measures to fully integrate sustainable development principles throughout the entire process.
Systematic Sustainable Management
Corporate Governance:

We continuously improve corporate governance structures, enhance management standards, comply with ethical business requirements, build trust with all stakeholders, focus on long-term company value, and pursue sustainable development.

We implement national green development strategies, promote green and low-carbon transformation, reduce waste and increase efficiency, promote green environmental protection and energy-saving products and services, contribute to achieving scientific carbon targets, seize clean technology opportunities, and drive the entire industry and society toward green and low-carbon economic development.

Health and Harmony:
Our employee team comes from different geographical and cultural backgrounds, and we strive to create a harmonious workplace to ensure the safety and reliability of every employee's work environment. We respect the human rights of all employees, establish open communication channels, continuously improve democratic management systems, provide diverse development paths for employees, and establish a sound occupational health management system to create a harmonious, healthy, democratic, fair, and comfortable environment.

Responsible Procurement:
We maintain mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with supplier partners, establish a sound supply chain social responsibility management system, build a green and responsible value chain, and jointly create a sustainable future.

Business Ethics:
"The Dirkbiel Code of Conduct" sets out principles and high standards applicable to our company's business practices and global supply chain. Corruption is a red line that no one in the company can cross. We are continuously improving our business ethics management system and are committed to creating a transparent and clean value chain. We hope that our suppliers will adhere to our "Supplier Code of Conduct" and source materials from socially responsible and sustainable sources (e.g., conflict-free mines).

Sustainable Production:
We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products, improving resource utilization efficiency, and achieving economic benefits through environmentally, socially, and economically balanced production processes. Our core production philosophy is the "Three Rs":
- Reduce: By reducing resource consumption and extending product lifespan.
- Reuse: Developing renewable filter materials for repeated use to increase product reusability and save resources.
- Recycle: Enhancing waste recycling rates to reduce environmental pollution and resource waste, while improving economic efficiency.

Through optimizing production processes, using eco-friendly materials, and conducting environmental awareness campaigns, we strive to achieve sustainable production. We encourage consumers to support sustainable production by choosing eco-friendly products, reducing waste, and participating in environmental activities.

Sustainable Products:
Our high-energy efficiency and energy-saving products bring environmental, social, and economic benefits. We conduct lifecycle analyses and improvements for different filtration products to enhance clean technology and extend product lifespan. We also engage in sustainable projects such as "Air Filter Recycling and Reuse," which are environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of.

Industry Development:
Dirkbiel is committed to providing innovative product technology solutions (high efficiency, low resistance, and cost-effectiveness) to meet customer needs and strengthen innovation value. We aim to provide high-quality products for customers, create sustainable cooperation value for suppliers, and offer quality and stable financial returns for investors.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Management:
As a responsible company in environmental systems, we have the responsibility to protect the earth and address climate change while designing and manufacturing products. We adhere to the environmental management policy of "full participation, pollution prevention, and providing green products that meet environmental requirements." We also focus on clean production and continuous waste reduction, operating as a "green enterprise" and offering "green products" in compliance with regulations.

Climate Change:
We recognize the accelerated global climate change, depletion of resources, and increasing extreme weather events. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, developing and promoting renewable energy filter materials (MOFs), and actively seeking low-carbon green products to address the impact of climate change.

Green Factory:
We adopt various strategies to improve energy efficiency and material usage, such as "conserving water and electricity resources," "rationally using water and electricity," "managing waste above the red line," "reducing equipment energy consumption, scientifically treating exhaust gas, waste water, and noise to minimize their impact on people and the environment," in order to build a green factory. Adhering to this goal, Dirkbiel conducts daily business operations in a sustainable manner, actively optimizing and improving water usage at the factory, filtering and regenerating factory wastewater through new MOFs graphene filter materials to meet drinking water standards, and gradually moving towards zero landfill waste. We also conduct strict assessments and controls on high-energy-consuming equipment, exhaust gas, waste water, and noise.

Chemical Management:
To minimize the impact of harmful chemicals, Dirkbiel actively identifies the revisions of relevant chemical regulations and laws applicable to all operating locations, ensuring that our operations comply with and exceed the legal regulations and standards of each country, while also meeting customer requirements. Additionally, when industry standards exceed national laws and regulations, we adhere to the highest standards.

Environmental Protection:
As responsible corporate citizens, we are committed to creating innovative value for the local community and have a duty to participate in environmental resource protection and addressing climate change. We collaborate with local governments, regional organizations, and individuals to generate a positive and lasting impact.

Economic Responsibility:

Our primary responsibility is to pursue sound operation through standardized governance and continuous technological innovation, creating innovative value for the company and stakeholders, while complying with laws and regulations.

Human and Social Responsibility:
Talent is the core resource of Dirkbiel. We respect employees, adhere to labor regulations, and safeguard their legal rights. We value talent, providing diverse training and development opportunities to create a broad platform for career advancement. We care for employees, sharing the value of sustainable development through a healthy, safe work environment, as well as comprehensive welfare and care measures.

Corporate Citizenship:
Companies should take on social responsibilities, actively participate in public welfare activities, support community development, and focus on environmental protection and sustainable development, making a positive contribution to society.

Labor Rights:
Dirkbiel strictly complies with relevant laws and actively responds to the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), respecting and protecting employees' labor rights, including fair wages, working hours, and vacation rights. We focus on employees' career development, continuously enhancing the professional capabilities needed for their positions, and have established various policies and regulations in accordance with the law to recruit talents legally and compliantly, providing a good working environment and preventing and resolving violations of labor rights.

Personal Career Development:
Dirkbiel pays attention to employees' career development, providing them with opportunities for growth and career training to help them enhance their skills and knowledge, and achieve personal development and career goals. Continuously promoting the professional abilities required for all employees' positions and providing various pathways for career advancement.

Occupational Health and Safety:
We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees by taking necessary measures to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases, providing essential training and equipment to ensure their well-being.

Sustainable Procurement:
Dirkbiel places importance on sustainable procurement, selecting suppliers and products that meet environmental and social responsibility standards for long-term collaboration, jointly fulfilling social responsibility, establishing sustainable supply chain management, and promoting sustainable development in the supply chain.

Corporate Citizenship:
As an environmental technology company, Dirkbiel consistently adheres to strict corporate citizenship standards, actively practices corporate social responsibility, participates in social welfare activities, supports community development, and focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development, making a positive contribution to society.

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